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Aweh Auctioneers

UNRESERVED Household Contents & General Auctions

Aweh Auctioneers is a unique boutique auction house in Park Central, Selby, in the heart of Johannesburg. Combining a very personal and effective approach to both selling and buying household goods, Aweh excels in matching the markets for both the Seller and Buyer, while keeping the process of auctioning the goods personal, enjoyable, affordable (did we mention all auction lots are UNRESERVED?) and professional.


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Typically hosting two auctions every month (although this might vary from time to time, depending on the seasons and holiday calendar), Aweh Auctioneers hosts hundreds of potential buyers who come to our viewing days every month. They have discovered the amazing value you will find on our auctions, and they battle it out on the auction floor. The auctions at Aweh Auctioneers take the form of a traditional 'walk-through' auction, where we move from room to room, and sell the pieces right where they are, surrounded by the Buyers. We even venture outside, where we display the cars, motorbikes, bicycles and boats that might be on offer that auction, and we also display our larger pieces, outdoor furniture, camping equipment and the like in the outside areas.


Besides the auctions in Melville, Aweh Auctioneers offers Sellers the possibility of hosting the auction on off-site locations, provided there is easy access for our Buyers, enough stock to draw the crowds and an interesting story to tell! Aweh Auctioneers have all the required expertise, experience and equipment in-house to successfully pull of these auctions. Off-site auctions have become somewhat of a rarity in the auction world, but we pride ourselves in the fact that we are able to professionally host, conduct and administer these with a minimal lead time and with maximum result.

"Quality & Affordable Goods on Auction - All the Time"